Thrilling Travel of Mauritius

It is an island in the Indian Ocean, and the official name of the state is the Republic of Mauritius. The people of Mauritius have followed the cultures, rituals, and languages that have multiple colors due to foreign interventions and immigration. The land is a bearer of many famous architectures and artists. The taste of the people of Mauritius in literature and music is admirable. There are many annual holidays based on a blend of cultures and festivals. The type of sports frequently played, and the choice of Cuisine is unique too. The island of Mauritius is ranked as the top 3rd most commonly visited island that is liked by the tourists.

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Chamarel waterfalls and Alexandra waterfalls:
Chameral waterfall is the highest waterfall in the island Of Mauritius and has a height of 272 feet. The base of the waterfall is designed to keep it shallow for the visitors to let them enjoy swimming here. It is considered one of the spectacular views for the tourists who visit Mauritius. The Alexandra waterfall is located on the center of a plateau and is the continuation of the Black River Gorge. There is a spacious parking area. There are many trees around that form a perfect location for a picnic. The Scenery course is loved by the visitors.

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Gabriel Island:

Gabriel Island is about one and a half hour away from Mauritius. People can reach the island easily with the help of the provided cruise called Catamaran which is supplementary. The facility is open for the whole week. One can enjoy a nice walk along the seaside. The place is blissful and a source of mindfulness. Swimming and snorkeling are the best options if you visit Gabriel Island. There are many diving sites in the crystal clear water. The island has satisfactory arrangements for restaurants. The visitors love choosing BBQ restaurants for their meals which has reasonable prices too.

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Hike Le Morne Brabant:
One can visit this place and get to know all the details about it with the help of a local or a professional guide provided there. It is located in Yanature and gives a superb place for mountaineering and hill climbing. People who are passionate about climbing up the mountains, discovering new places, and enjoying the scenery at heightened locations must visit this place. Hiking is not a taste of every traveler, but it is a unique way to way to walk over nature’s landscape. It is an old resort serving passionate travelers and climbers with accurate guidance as well as aid in case of emergencies.

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Rochester Falls:

It is also one of the most famous waterfalls located on Mauritius Island. It is situated in the Savanne District. It has a measured height of about 162 meters above sea level. The place is far away from the main resorts, but it is a place worth seeing. A traveler who is beguiled by the marvels of nature must not miss seeing this waterfall. There are a few local restaurants out there which are expensive. The cascade also provides a pool like an area where one can enjoy swimming. The waterfall is reached after crossing a rocky and muddy path so wearing proper shoes is preferred. Summer days are the best time to visit Rochester waterfall.

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