Treasures of Norway

The treasures of Norway are too much to be explored in the single trip or tour on the part of the passionate travelers or the adventurous tourists. Norway is the tiny country that is filled with the huge adventurous and exciting activities, natural wonders and the most significantly, challenging terrain and the hiking driven fun. One can have the wide range of hiking places that has been surrounded by the beautiful and lush scenery.Flight Up Deals with You cheap flights to norway from toronto. 

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It offers the kind terrain for the hikers with it being the large area. Once you make your way to the top with the help of the climbing, you would have the attractive view on the part of the Sognefjord. This is the travel destination which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The view from the 1300 meter summit seems to be quite mouthwatering and lush that makes it the perfect natural attraction.


It is the amazing natural travel destination that is nearer to the Town centre of the country. It has remained to be the spot which is open for the public along with the information offered and the most significantly, the perfect viewpoints. If you find the place without snow, then it would be possible for you to get towards the path that leads you towards the gorge.

Folgefonna national park:

It is the 3rd largest glacier that lies on the country of Norway that is located at the central point of the national park in the shape of the Folgefonna national park. This is the perfect and beautiful travel attraction having potential to attract the millions of tourists since the year of 1833 owing to being the lush and stunning glacier. You would be able to explore the wide range of things in the shape of the icefalls, raging rivers driven by the melt water and the most significantly, the scenic summer ice.
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Tvindefossen waterfall:

It is the amazing waterfall that is at the 152m that can be associated with the gushing waterfalls that makes it the beautiful and lush tourist attractions of the country named Norway. This has been the tourist friendly waterfall that has remained to be quite easy for the purpose of exploring on the part of the visitors. This waterfall is accessible for you if you are the waterfallers who want to engage in the adventurous activity.

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It is the most famous hiking travel spot that has been explore by more than 30,000 people in the single year. You would be able to explore the lakes which are filled by the snow topped pastures that have been occupying the route that leads this famous hiking travel destination. These hiking travel spots have been explored on the part of the National Geographic as being the thrilling hikes of the global village in the year of 2017.

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