Tromso, Norway Winter Adventure

Tromso is a beautiful place capturing your heart with so many stories and faces. If you visit this place in summer, you’ll probably know that the sun never sets here with long winter. Winter season is the best time to explore the Tromso and the beautiful memories will remain in your mind forever. Besides having so many winter activities, Tromso has so much to attract the tourists. The quirky museums, trendy cafes, world class restaurants, an active nightlife with modern architecture are the major attractions of Tromso. It is a true gemstone which needs to be discovered yet.

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Chase the Northern lights
The Northern Lights can only be seen in the northern hemisphere. They are also called Aurora Borealis at a 60-degree latitude above the Arctic Circle they are strongest. In 1619, after the Roman goddess of dawn Aurora, Galileo named Northern Lights as Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights were formed into Earth’s magnetosphere when solar wind packed with charged particles. The charged particles are mainly protons and electrons which get precipitated into the upper layer of atmosphere where they lose their energy thus emitting colored lights. This emitted light down at Earth is what we see here as Northern Lights.

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Dog Sledding:
Dog sledding is really an amusing and real adventure. There is nothing unique and simple as having the control of your own dogsled by putting your trust in your dogs and in return earning their friendship. Huskies the commonly used dog breed for dog sledding are good-natured, strong, full of energy and born to run! To feel the strong bond between man and dog it is a great opportunity to join a dog sledding tour. During trip you will have to look after the dogs and feed them, this is something appealing to the dog lovers.

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Learn how to snowshoe:
Snowshoeing has become an increasingly favorite and popular activity. You can easily hire snowshoes from G-sport Rjukan and Gaustatoppen Skihire in the Gausta-area.The latest and new snowshoes are easy to use and are very light weight. This makes the activity suitable and worthy for everybody as it guarantees you to have 100 % control of wherever you are going. This is a perfect way to discover the winter highlands. Snowshoeing gives you immense time to enjoy the nature whereas on a guided tour you have the opportunity to grab new knowledge about the Norwegian mountains. Without any experience needed the trip is suitable for general fitness and for beginners.

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Go skiing:
Norway is regarded as a skiing paradise by many people not just because of the great snow conditions or long season but mainly because of the fact that there is always something on offer here for everybody. There are family-friendly resorts and holiday destinations all over the country, and many of them have ski schools and professional staff who feel happy to teach the young children to stay on their feet. Many resorts have the facility of ski lifts on your doorstep which means you can ski back to your room after a long hectic day in the slopes.

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